Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where the Spirit of the Lord Is- A prayer

Dear God, my heavenly Father, help me to feel your Holy Spirit in my life every day, let me feel liberty because of your presence, through the power of the trinity, Amen. 

I have struggled sometimes lately to ‘keep my head up’ and to enjoy life. I have felt suffocating pressure when it comes to the job search process and figuring out life. On Sunday, our pastor had an amazing sermon and reminded us that anything substantive takes time. We want things at microwave speed but truly worthwhile things must be cooked in the crock-pot. At some point in church I heard or read the phrase ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is’  and the praise song came to my mind. That night I listened to the song and felt struck by the phrase ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty’. God is always with us and so I should not feel suffocated by pressure but because of his presence in my life I should feel liberty. One definition of liberty is Not Imprisoned. I have felt imprisoned by the pressure, by my uncertainty, by my failing perfectionism. BUT no longer. I must remind myself everyday that God is always with me and ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty’. I wrote the prayer at the beginning of the post Sunday night. It will be a daily prayer of mine. I believe that this will help me learn to enjoy this ‘limbo’ time and help me ‘keep my head up’. 

Where The Spirit of the Lord Is by Chris Tomlin & Christy Nockels on Grooveshark

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  1. I really love this post. I love your honesty, because I know this is something that so many of us struggle with. It's SO hard juggling all of the different areas in life. I feel like that's something you learn in college, that there just is no possible way to have it all. There will always be areas that need improvement, and areas that are going as close to perfectly as they can get. Love ya girl, thanks for sharing a piece of your heart with us today :)


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