Saturday, June 18, 2011

growing up.

somehow i've grown up.
I still have a lot of growing up to do.
yet somehow I've entered this phase where I'm on the precipice of adulthood.
what do I mean by this.
- It's the summer before my senior year of college = 1 year before "the real world"
-1 year before graduation, but a lot less to make decisions about what comes next
- decisions like, do I want to go to grad school, will i truly enjoy a career in sports information?
- if not, what am i called to do?
- i have these big decisions to make yet I still feel like a kid.
- I didn't have the urge to learn to drive when i turned fifteen like most kids do. I didn't even get my learner's at sixteen. I guess I was scared but whatever the reason I didn't get my learners till my freshmen year of college and my license till the beginning of my junior year.
- and so since I've been at college I don't have the most experience and I don't have a car
- which means i don't have as much independence as people my age and people even younger
- But I can't change that and I have to just work to move on and grow from where I am.
- I'm gonna work on my driving this summer and then hopefully get a car before I go back to school.
- and then I will begin my senior year of college and embark on my entrance to adulthood.
- p.s. i love clouds.