Saturday, June 18, 2011

growing up.

somehow i've grown up.
I still have a lot of growing up to do.
yet somehow I've entered this phase where I'm on the precipice of adulthood.
what do I mean by this.
- It's the summer before my senior year of college = 1 year before "the real world"
-1 year before graduation, but a lot less to make decisions about what comes next
- decisions like, do I want to go to grad school, will i truly enjoy a career in sports information?
- if not, what am i called to do?
- i have these big decisions to make yet I still feel like a kid.
- I didn't have the urge to learn to drive when i turned fifteen like most kids do. I didn't even get my learner's at sixteen. I guess I was scared but whatever the reason I didn't get my learners till my freshmen year of college and my license till the beginning of my junior year.
- and so since I've been at college I don't have the most experience and I don't have a car
- which means i don't have as much independence as people my age and people even younger
- But I can't change that and I have to just work to move on and grow from where I am.
- I'm gonna work on my driving this summer and then hopefully get a car before I go back to school.
- and then I will begin my senior year of college and embark on my entrance to adulthood.
- p.s. i love clouds.


  1. very insightful :) we're getting old too fast! and dont worry so much about getting your license so late. u will get a car soon and you will be just fine. its not hard to catch on and you'll prolly quickly end up being better than most drivers out there lol. including me...haha.

  2. thanks! and yes we are. haha i hope so. that's one of the reasons that while I am somewhat jealous of the other interns getting to stay a lot longer, that I'm glad I'm not because I definitely need to take advantage and drive A LOT! my mom said she's been looking for cars!


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