Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life is flying by.. and my thoughts on that fact

Somehow I became a college senior. What?! really, how did that happen. I swear scholar's comp. was yesterday and not three years ago. But sometimes it does seem like that long ago. I think its just the fact of what it means to be a college senior that scares/worries me.
I love college. Living semi on my own, with some great friends at a great school. But this time next year I'm out in the real world. I really need to start getting life figured out. I feel like I'm so behind.
I just got my driver's license last august but because I've been at school nothing has really changed since I got it. I guess I haven't really expressed my feelings on this to my parent's well until last week. I just don't think anyone hates the constant position of the passenger seat as much as I do. Because I feel like it's too late. I am supposed to have four to five years of driving experience behind me. But because of being at college, I have really about less than a year. And I have close to no experience driving on my own. I suppose I need to pray for patience because while patience is a virture it is one I struggle with. Even though it worries me greatly that I only really have july and august to get good driving experience before school starts. AND i was planning and really hope to have a car before going back to LG. but as much as it hurt to hear him say the other day, I worry my dad is right, I am not a good enough driver to be out there by myself, whether I have my license or not. AND that scares me beyond belief because I have to be ready to drive on my own, people four years younger than me are more independent than I am but I am the one who has to be an adult really soon. I've gotten myself upset and didnt intend for the post to be about this but clearly i needed to vent.

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