Monday, September 24, 2012

Saturday In Athens- UGA football

Saturday my dad and I headed over to Athens for the UGA-Vandy football game. It was super fun because I hadn’t been to a Georgia game in about 6 years and hadn’t been to a home game in about 10! So long overdue! My uncle has season tickets and called my dad up last thursday and said he had an extra ticket to the game! At the time he only had one and so we were planning on getting one for me somehow once we got over to Athens. But luckily my uncle ended up having a ticket for me as well! 
      It was a night game and so we were able to get over to Athens early afternoon and visit with my dad’s friend and his wife. It was fun hearing them reminisce about the crazy antics they got up to back in the day. Stories included a car accident on the way to the braves home opener in 1981, everyone was fine but the car was not, and my dad missed the baseball game. We made our way over to campus and were able to score free parking! Free Tickets & Free Parking- SWEET! We still had over 2+ hours till game time, we hung out at my dad’s friends tailgate. I sipped on a free screwdriver, had some fruit, walked around and chit-chatted. A lot of tailgates had TV’s. So while tailgating for the UGA game you could keep up with all the other games. We were able to see Miami force overtime against GT and so that was a great way to end the tailgate! And Miami won in OT so tech losing was a great way to start the Georgia game! 
        It just might have been a sign of good things to come. I thought the game was gonna be a lot closer than it actually was. Vandy played us tight last year and we only won by five and they played USC tight the first game of this season. UGA was a 16 pt favorite and the Dawgs more then covered the spread winning 48-3! 

 Kid Terrell’s tailgate- my dad’s friends father in law’s tailgate! 
 Tech about to lose!

 My Dad and Me
 one of my favorite concessions! 
the best picture I could get of UGA! 


  1. It looks like you had so much fun!! I looove frozen lemonade too. And free ticket, free parking AND free screwdriver?? You go girl!

    You look super cute in the pic with your dad btw!!

  2. LOVE Athens on game day! So sad about not being able to go to any games this season when I could have had tickets to all of the games (senior!) :( looks like yall had a great time!!

    1. hey girl. you have your email set to no-reply! but yes I had a great time! And awh you were going to uga? well you def have a great reason to be missing the games this season!


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