Tuesday, September 25, 2012



SO the emmy’s were sunday night and I love me some red-carpet fashion. I have my 5 best dressed and 5 worst dressed. Y’all let me just say that there was a slew of people I could have put on the WORST list and it was pretty hard to find 5 for the BEST. Well here it goes! 


Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is beautiful and this dress looks like a longer version of a dancing with the stars outfit. 

Julianne Moore

How to NOT wear the NEON trend! I think this trend would look great on redheads, but Julianne does it in the worst way. Way too much. A better fitting bra and a a shorter, better fitted dress and this would’ve looked fab! 

Julianna Margulies

Overbearing Print with a harsh hairstyle. It might not have looked half bad if she’d worn her hair down

Elizabeth Moss

I thought Julianna Margulies won the award for worst floral until I saw Elizabeth Moss. This looks like a tacky floral bridesmaid’s dress from the 80s.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is huge right now and this dress makes her look it. Girl’s got curves and this dress does NOTHING to flatter them. 


Ginnifer Goodwin

This red, vintage dress was absolutely amazing on Ginnifer! Only thing is this is one of the only photos I could find where she didn’t have a super-serious model face on! SMILE! 

Julie Bowen

Julianne Moore take note, this is how you wear Neon! Simple jewelry and this wonderfully fitted strapless dress showed off what an amazing body Julie Bowen has! As a 42 year old mom of 3, Julie shows mom’s can stay in tune with fashion and look great doing it! 

Jane Levy

Forget redheads in green, it can be fabulous but tricky not to look Christmasy! Blue almost always looks amazing on redheads. I love this look on Jane Levy, who I am actually not familiar with. It is simple but beautiful. She has her hair pulled back but it is not harsh and I love the necklace. 

Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann rocks this funky dress! The messy almost top-knot hairstyle works with this dress. And the blue earrings pop against the orange of the dress!

Hayden Panettiere
To me this dress is a non-traditional greek goddess dress. The wrapping has a toga feel to it and the gold seems to give it the goddess feel. I would have liked to see her hair down though.

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  1. Love your list!! Everyone on your best dressed list looks goooorgeous!


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