Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If I can't have Ryan Reynolds then I'm glad he's with Blake!

Ok so I was super surprised when I found out early monday morning that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had gotten MARRIED! I mean the fact that they didn’t invite me... I thought we were closer than that!  

The fact that Blake is a California girl and Ryan is Canadian didn’t stop them from having a southern wedding. They got married in Mt. Pleasant, SC at Boone Hall Plantation. 

The plantation was used in The Notebook as Allie’s family’s summer home. (Mt. Pleasant is also where my mom’s family lived when she was a toddler!)

 I love these two, I like them as actors and they seem like good people! I think they are just precious together. 

P.S. It has been reported that her Sisterhood costars were there. I love that! 

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  1. Awww Omg I'm not even sure that I knew they were together in the first place, ha! But seriously, they are the MOST gorgeous couple ever. And that is so great that her Sisterhood costars were there! I love it too :)


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