Thursday, September 6, 2012

Only in Georgia

My friend Amy, from Sweet Home Santa Barbara started a blog series ‘Only in Santa Barbara’ and encouraged me to do one for ‘Only In Georgia’. I plan on featuring fun local places in or things about Georgia, but thought I’d start out with something unique to my life in Georgia. 

This is the sign for the road that my grandparents live on. My Last name is Marks and my grandparents live on Marks Road. There are probably about 5 families that live on Marks Road that are Marks, but back in the day pretty much everyone who lived there was and that’s how the road got its name. Marks Road is down in the country in Mansfield, GA about a 45 minute drive from my house. It’s nice to go down to the country and almost feel the change of pace happen. I am definitely a surburban girl but a good part of me is all about the Country and the Mountains (where my mom’s dad lives). 
The world moves at such a hectic pace these days that it is so stressful and overwhelming and that is what I love about the slower paced atmosphere of the country. I am more in tune with the gorgeous world around me  in the country and it is definitely for me easier to relax in the country than in the city! When I am down in the country I enjoy time with cousins, my grandparents, and most certainly enjoying wonderful food from granddaddy’s garden and my grandmama’s kitchen complete with a glass or two of Sweet Tea. 

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