Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Letters Vol. 7

Dear Life,  the weeks keep going on and on, and I’d be fine with that if I had figured out what I am supposed to do with you. I hate feeling like I’m wasting precious time but I haven’t figured out what to do!  Dear Rookie Blue, why oh why do you have to be a summer show? I hate that you won’t be back on till next summer. And then that turns into thinking of what if I still haven’t figured out this post-college life by next summer. I can’t even go there... but I do. what if ?  Dear Buddy, I am so glad that we got back into taking you to the park in the morning!  Dear Music, I love being able to sing along with you to the radio, you make me smile! Right now I'm loving "Cruise" by Florida-Georgia Line.  Dear Clouds, I love staring up at you. When big fluffy clouds are out and the sky is bright and blue, it makes it harder to be down in the dumps. So thank you for that! 

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