Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Living at Home- this place doesn't feel like home!

I am finding it incredibly hard living at home after having been away at school for the better part of the last four years. Last Friday I went and visited LaGrange. I hung out with friends and really enjoyed seeing them. But what hit me was that I wish I had a room on that campus that was still mine. Even though I have a room in my parent’s house that is mine, It feels so different than it did growing up. I feel like I live here and this is my room but it’s not a space of my own. I feel like I’m not making any sense, but basically I am really struggling with feeling at home in my own home now that I have moved back after college. 
I turned to google and searched for advice on how to adjust to moving back home after college. There were two things that stuck out to me: 

Finding a Support Network- I read that since moving back home can be isolating (is it ever), it is important to find an outlet or support network. I definitely believe that this blogosphere is part of my support network. I need to find a physical outlet/support network locally or nearby. The blogosphere is great but I need to find something to do and new friends in my area. 

Don’t Put Your Life On Pause- This is the second piece of advice that really stood out from my google search. This hit the nail on the head I feel that right now my life is on pause between college and the real world. I think the pause button is stuck and I’m not sure how to unstick it! 

This post doesn't capture anywhere near all the thoughts and emotions and frustrations in my head, but I really can't seem to get them out in a way that makes sense! Any advice on how I can unstick this pause button on my life is appreciated. 


  1. i know its hard girl :( i live at home to and with my HUSBAND..were trying to save money to buy a house and i had to live with my parents while attending grad school. its hard to adjust but everything will work out eventually- youll find the dream job!

  2. Ah yeah I know so many friends who moved home after college and talk about how difficult it was adjusting. I think the support network one is huge! And I mean, that's pretty true for most difficult times in life. I know when I'm struggling with things, blog land is HUGE for reminding me that I'm not alone in my struggles. I've been meeting a lot of my new friends through the gym, church and work. New friends always make things better. Hope you're having a good day girl!


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