Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sometimes and Always Vol. 5

Sometimes- I hate going to yard sales and rummage sales with my dad, and sometimes I get bored really easily and don't find anything

Always- I get super excited when I find neat things at rummage sales like two weeks ago when I found this mason jar mug! It's perfect for iced coffee! I got this one and its twin for $1 !

Sometimes- I realize how much I like Television. : / Like last night my friend were texting about The Bachelorette and we had a realization. 

Always- I know it's silly reality television, but a big part of me can't help but rooting for it to work out ! I'm a huge hopeless romantic. And I admit there is def another side of me that makes fun of different parts of the show, for sure.

Sometimes- It's really hard to stay positive during my job search! 

Always- I know that God has me where I am right now for a reason. And hopefully he will reveal more of his plans for me soon! 


  1. Staying positive during a job search can be hard BUT staying positive can ultimately help you get a job because employers will see it when you interview. Good luck! Visiting from the Mackey Madness link up. :)

    1. Thank You! I am trying, if only I could even get an interview!

  2. Nice job on the mason jar deal! I wish I could wake up early enough to catch the good stuff at the rumage sales! I am your newest follower. Check out my post if you get a chance. Amber

  3. I definitely always root for the love stories to work out. I always want love to prevail! Even if it's just reality tv!

    Thanks for linking up!!


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