Sunday, June 10, 2012

You Only Live Once

 I went to North Carolina this past weekend for my cousin’s high school graduation. The senior class president had an interesting quote in her speech, she said “ A wise man by the name of Aubrey Graham once said ‘You Only Live Once’”. 

That’s right she quoted Drake. This quote has become wildly popular recently but the proper meaning has been lost. I think what the quote should actually mean and what the senior class president at my cousin’s high school was trying to say was essentially- make the most of your life, carpe diem each and every day. But many people today have taken the quote to justify partying and any crazy behavior because you only live once. However in actuality the quote should deter people from living life frivolously because you only have one life to live so you should make the absolute most of it. When talking to my dad about this, he likened it to people who worry about the end times coming soon and worry about making the most of their days, however regardless of when the end times come we should always make the most of each and every day because these are the ONLY days we have. This is not to say that I don’t believe in lazy days, or party nights, I believe both of those every now and then can be extremely beneficial and even necessary!
What are your thoughts on the quote- YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE? 

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