Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters Vol.1

So I know I said i would write about the concert today but i didn't have the time. But I have enjoyed reading the Friday's Letter's Linkup for the past several weeks or so and so I decided to do linkup today! 

Dear parents, I am so sorry y'all are going through hell with the mortgage right now and wish there was something I could do. I know that there isn't and that you don't want me to worry but it's hard not to now that I am back living at home! 

Dear summer, I love you but you don't feel like normal, because I know that I have graduated and am not going back to school in the fall and so as the days pass I feel more and more pressure to find a job.

Dear sketchbook, I got such a great deal on you and can't wait to fill you up with wonderful quotes and lots of venting! 

Dear Andy Grammer, you were absolutely amazing wednesday night. Besides your awesome musical talent you just seem to have an awesome personality! 

- (colbie and gavin were pretty great as well, I promise I will recap the concert away, I just want to do it justice! )


- Elissa

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