Thursday, June 14, 2012


SO I went to the Andy Grammer, Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw Concert last night with my best friend Erin. It was absolutely amazing even though it was pouring rain most of the night and we thought they weren’t going to be able to perform- BUT they did and were AMAZING- But that recap will be tomorrow! 
For now I just have some thoughts on life lately!
  • I’m kinda getting frustrated being home. Erin and I talked yesterday about how we would LOVE to move out on our own but know it makes much more sense to save money and live at home! Being home is just weird. For me, my parents are dealing with stuff with the mortgage on our house and it’s stuff they don’t want me to worry about but it’s hard not to when I am here, while they are dealing with it. And then my frustrations over my life being in a sort of limbo make me think of my job search and then it gets frustrating that it seems like I have applied for a lot of jobs but haven’t even gotten an interview! Right now patience and perseverance are key in my life. 
  • To deal with this time in my life i really want to get a  
  sketch-journal for a sort of catharsis for all the feelings and   
  emotions and thoughts I have going on in my head! If anyone   
  knows of a good unlined journal that would be good for  
  doodling/journaling my thoughts and feelings let me know! 

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