Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes and Always Vol. 7

Ok so before I get into Sometimes and Always. Let me discuss what happened last night on the bachelorette! Seriously I have to say best final 3 in bachelor/bachelorette history. ALL 3 were such great great great guys. I loved Sean, but somewhere along the line he slid to the backburner cause compared to arie and jef he lacked the edge kept saying she wanted. Great guy but that  it connection was missing. I feel that sean was this season’s Brad. He was “Perfect” but not perfect for emily! 
Now onto Sometimes and Always! 
Sometimes I am a bit too interested in pop culture/ the media/celebrities. whatever you want to call it. 
Always I think it’s just because I’m interested in people. Even if it’s not truly reality. It’s the closest thing there is to seeing inside stranger’s lives. I love seeing what other people’s lives are like. even if I really don’t  know. I mean I think that’s why I like blogging. 
 Call Me Curious George

Sometimes I have something looming ahead of me that the  implications of freak me out
Always I just want to show that I’m good enough. And I worry that can’t be seen on paper. 

Sometimes there seems to be a communication barrier between me and my parents. Oh it’s just so hard being back home after being at college for 4 years. 
Always I know that I am blessed to be able to come back home and that my parents love me so much. 


  1. sweet list!

    great blog you have!

  2. I remember it being hard to move back home during the first summer of college!! It's an adjustment after living alone at school!!

    Thanks for linking up!!

    1. yeah it's always an adjustment in the summer but this summer is just really hard knowing I'm not going back in the fall.

      love linking up with you for S&A.


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