Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters Vol. 5

Friday's Letters. 

Dear God, I needed Campmeeting this week, so thank you for a wonderful church and being able to come together in fellowship with others and praise you. Dear Daddy, I am so glad you went to the doctor about your eye and hope that now you will feel better real soon.  Dear Aurora, CO my thoughts and prayers go out to your community and all those affected by the shooting. my thoughts and prayers go out to the shooter and his family as well. Dear Roaches, I hate you why are you around. no one likes you. Dear Marcie, I am so proud of you and excited to follow along during your World Race! I love seeing what God is doing in your life and through you and your World Race team for the people you encounter! Dear Summer, oh how I love you.  please may the next month or so go by really slowly! Dear Mom, I hope that you have an amazing time at your 40th high school reunion. I just personally didn’t care for high school really, I much preferred college. LOVED it, well for the most part, and right now I’d love to be going back to LaGrange in a month! 

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