Monday, July 9, 2012

Play Hard, Live Well, Smile More

We went to my grandfather's in the mountains for the fourth and got back friday night. We decided that Saturday we would go out as a family. The plan was to get up early and go to yard sales but that didn't happen. We did get up pretty early and went on a walk in the park with the buddy dog, but then when we got back momma and I ended up watching 'Definitely, Maybe' on TV. We did get up and going eventually but by the time we did most yard sales had packed up and gotten out of the heat. So we were hungry and went out to eat at Mellow Mushroom at Suwanee Town Center. Momma had mexican on her mind and so she got food at a Mexican restaurant and brought it over to mellow! We split a 10 inch pizza, absolutely delish, but for some reason they didn't have ricotta! oh well I guess they made up for it by putting lots of parmesan on it! After Mellow we walked down to RITA's. I have been very sad lately that they closed the Rita's in both Lawrenceville and Tucker! It has been so hot lately and I just had to have some Rita's! Umm I mean their motto is the World Needs More Rita's and so it's just not right that locations are closing! ok enough on that! I finally got some Rita's and let me just say it is oh so refreshing in this crazy summer heat!  Hope that y'all had a good weekend. Saturday was definitely a good pick-me-up for me! 


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