Monday, November 7, 2011

Time Flies- Even with that extra hour

1. Umm where has the year gone? I have the feeling that time really does fly by quite often. This year though, it's different as with it being senior year there's only so much time till graduation... Wha? Crazy

2. This is kinda along the lines of number 1. So Daylight Savings Time started this weekend d we got an extra hour, but i really don't feel like I did. I got to sleep in, which is rare, but when I woke up Sunday morning, my phone had changed automatically. So although I still got the extra hour I wanted to think it was such and such time and be like "ooh I get to fall back" and go back to sleep for an hour". Silly but makes sense in my mind!

3. College Football- I am a Georgia Football fan, and while we played New Mexico State which was not close at all, USC played Arkansas and USC needed to lose a game for UGA to have a chance to win the SEC East. And they did, so now if UGA wins out then we are sec east champs.

4. College Basketball season is starting and that makes my heart happy! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Duke Basketball fan. Our (Duke) first game is Friday (11-11-11!) against Belmont! I also have worked with the Women's Basketball Team at my school LaGrange College for the past three years and their season is getting underway, as well. We go to Mississippi for a tournament next weekend!

5. Friday is 11-11-11! I am super super excited about this. I really like special number days, my dad and I always point them out to each other. Like last year September 2nd was 90210. And ya know 11:11 is when people make wishes and so 11-11-11 is kinda like a Wish Day? i think so.

6. I really like Hunter Hayes. He is a new country artist that I think you should check out. His whole record is good, but I recommend listening to Wanted. I want a guy to sing this to me! Check it out here !

7. The other week I saved Thanksgiving! I was talking to my mom on the phone and she told me the bad and very surprising news that my grandmama told my dad she wasn't going to have Thanksgiving this year. I was very sad and surprised at this news, as there are maybe 2 years ever out of my 2o previous thanksgivings that we have not gone to my Dad's parents. And those 2 years we went to my mom's parents in the Mountains. So, I expressed my sadness at this news, and I guess my mom told my grandmama because three days later I got a call from my grandmama. She said that she heard I was sad she canceled Thanksgiving and would have it for me (the rest of our family will be there), but she said we'd have it in honor of me, lol!

8. Even though there is so so much I have to do before the semester is over I don't even want to think about it, I also can't wait. I can't wait to be home and have time to craft and bake, putting to use all the amazing ideas i have found on Pinterest! If you do not know about Pinterest, go check it out at Follow me here!

9. So sometimes I tend to not like alone time. But lately I have done a lot better about genuinely liking spending sometime with just me. I had an epiphany one saturday night when I left a party (that was getting a bit too rowdy) and went back to my room and watched Say Yes to the Dress, and quite enjoyed myself.

10. I need to do a better job when it comes to devotion time with God, but I am doing good (or trying to) about trusting that he will let me know his plan for my life when the time is right. Even though I am getting nervous about knowing the right thing to do after graduation and moving out into the "Real World", I know that God has a distinct purpose for my life and he knows the desires of my heart.


  1. daylight savings time always creeps up!

  2. hi there! it sure does. i'm glad you found my blog, just checked out yours and looks like I have a new blog to follow! : )

  3. i know what you mean! time needs to slow.down!!

  4. definitely. just a little bit! i read about how you miss your college days and I know that's gonna be me pretty soon!


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