Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogging For Real

I am trying to start blogging for real. I have had this blog of mine for over a year but this is only my 28th post. can we say fail? you can agree, you should. Although there aren't really any you out there to speak of yet since I have failed so greatly at blogging for real.
But there are some positives to this post. and they begin NOW.
1. The 28 posts I have written have been cathartic releases for me. especially some in particular. But I have just written thoughts and not really tried to make them make sense for anyone other than myself. I am going to try and change that because of the 2nd positive of my time with Blogger.
2. I have started reading some amazing blogs of people I do not know at all, but I have come to feel like I know them through their blogs. The main blog that falls into this category is This blog is run by Elizabeth and it is all about her life in as a mother and wife in a may-december romance. Her writing is awesome,- I love the personality she conveys to her readers. Through Elizabeth's blog i have found Bridget's blog tales of me and the husband. Bridget's blog is awesome as well. Bridget's husband was her religion professor in college. doesn't that right there make you want to read her blog? I also somehow stumbled across Choose to be Happy, this blog is run by Chelsea who reminds me to listen to the title of her blog, with her cute little quirks like yesterday, and on the first of every month, the first words she said were Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, and she loves birthdays so much she celebrates fiercely.

so with those things said, if by some chance there are people out there who read this blog of mine, go check out the blogs that bring me joy and inspiration. AND keep up with my blog, because it is going to start being a REAL blog.



  1. How sweet!

    And you're so right...consistency is the key to blogging! Best of luck :)

  2. This was just the sweetest post! I am excited to read more of your bloggie! And remember to always blog for yourself. Don’t ever feel pressured to post, its your bloggie, your very own little piece of the web and that’s what makes it so much fun :)

  3. Thank You Chelsea! I definitely appreciate the reminder!


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