Thursday, May 31, 2012

Currently Vol.1

Happy Thursday Y’all! Almost the weekend. But it’s summer and in my family the week and the weekend kinda blend together. 
Haley over at I Can Only Imagine did the Currently linkup from Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect and it was such a fun link-up I wanted to join in. 

Current Book: 

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch 
a great story by a Former Carnegie Mellon Professor who died of pancreatic cancer and was able to give one last lecture to his students, colleagues, family and friends. 

Current Playiist: 
She For Liz - Parachute
On Your Own - Green River Ordinance
You don’t know her like I do- Brantley Gilbert
Lights- Elie Goulding
Current Color
ok excuse my crooked toes! I don’t like my feet but I do really like the pretty purple I have on my toes! 
Current Food- Well I had a bowl of cereal and some yummy coffee this morning but last night I made some amazing chicken! 

Grilled Chicken (with an amazing marinade!) rice, corn on the cob, sliced bell peppers, and black-eyed peas!

Current Favorite Show 
The Bachelorette
I sometimes watch the Bachelor/ette but this season I am die hard addicted. I love love Emily and from the good to the bad to the ugly this season is addicting!  Esp due to this guy part of the veryyy good!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. - While I think Arie and Emily are perfect together I do think that Elissa Luyendyk sounds quite nice! haha jk kinda. 

Current Need: 
I need to go to the doctor because my scoliosis has gotten really bad. The curvature of my spine has grown and my back has been hurting practically all the time lately. 

Current Bane of my Existence: Other than my back nothing really!
Current Celebrity Crush: 
hmm see above - Arie! 

Current #1 Blessing
Being a College Graduate and having my biggest trouble being finding a Job! While that is certainly stressful, I am certainly blessed that that is my biggest trouble. 
Current Indulgence: 
My mom and I bought a Godiva White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Bar at Target the other day and devoured half of it in about ten minutes! 
Current Outfit: 

Sunset Beach shirt and Black Soffee Shorts

Current Excitement: 
Going to North Carolina next week for my cousins hs graduation and it’ll be fun to go on a little trip BUT my main excitement is getting to go to COOKOUT for a milkshake! and hushpuppies, etc. I am already planning my flavor choice! 
Current Mood: 
It’s still weird being home and knowing that I’m not going back to school in the fall, that I’m done and my current mood this morning err afternoon is a combination of energetic and tired! 

Current Favorite Quote or Verse: 
This was in a graduation card, and i think it is a good one! Peace is definitely something you need after graduating! 

Current Wish List Item: 

These awesome measuring cups. They are russian nesting dolls! Each half of each doll is a different measurement! 

Current Favorite Product: 

Clancy’s Wavy Potato Chips from Aldi

these are super cheap like under $2 and are by far my favorite potato chip. They go perfect with a ham and cheese sandwich. 
and yes I realize by making my favorite product food that probably classifies me as a a fatty. oh well 

- I loved this linkup! 



  1. That chicken looks delish!! I am loving The Bach so far this season, too! I love Sean!

  2. It was! House of Tsang! and Sean is definitely my #2 guy! def a good one!


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