Monday, May 21, 2012


Well I did it! I am a College Graduate. I am a LaGrange College Alumna! It has been a crazy busy week and now it’s all over and... well it feels weird. Graduation Weekend was full of family, friends and fun. 
Friday was baccalaureate. It was at the First United Methodist Church down the street from the school. Baccalaureate we actually got to sit with friends and not in alphabetical order. 

Marcie, Me, Erin, and Lona

 Me with Mom and Dad after the service

That night we went out to eat, which was comical, because both of my grandfathers are hard of hearing and so one would start a story and the other would unknowingly interrupt start a new one five seconds later! After dinner I went over to the hotel my family was staying at and visited for a little bit. Then I went back to campus and enjoyed the last night of college EVER. it was weird. sad. exciting but sad. I LOVED College! The next thing I knew it was Graduation morning! The Graduation ceremony went by relatively fast. And I was able to hold it together and not completely bawl. It was touch and go there for a minute during Christa’s speech! As exciting as college graduation is, trust me when I say it is a super bittersweet feeling! 

After walking across the stage and getting my diploma! 

My mom wore a silly looking hat and this is my "Mother! what the heck are you wearing face?!" Lol

Now for some parts of the day that didn’t go as expected. First as I am standing at the bottom of the stage ready to hear my name and walk across the stage and get my diploma, they call the girl behind me. Yep, that’s right they forgot me! The registrar was calling names and went from the girl in front of me to the girl behind me. He didn’t even notice he made a mistake and was about to call the next person when the Provost pointed out to him the fact that he had skipped me! That was just a unexpected but actually funny. The other unexpected aspect of the day is actually sad and frustrating! My family didn’t realize they had to request a late checkout and so they had to rush back to the hotel and checkout by 11:00 AM or else they would have had to pay for an extra day. So I actually didn’t get any pictures with my family on graduation day. It is really disappointing and they know they should have gone ahead and checked out early, but they didn’t and I can’t dwell on it! 

But I did get to mingle afterwards and got some pictures with some of my friends!

Me and my best friend Erin! 

Me and my friend Christa. Christa won the Waights G. Henry Award, the highest award at LaGrange. The recipient speaks at graduation and Christa did amazing!!!! 

Erin, Christa and I- Erin's mom's caption to this was - Serious Conversation. "So do we have to get a job now??!"

Riley and I representing LaGrange College Political Science! 

I still can’t believe that College is over! It is such a weird feeling, full of many many emotions. It was definitely an amazing four years, and while growing up I never dreamed of going somewhere other than Duke. I know that the small college life was right for me and that I was meant to go to LaGrange College. I wouldn’t have made the best friends I have ever had otherwise. I know that I will always hold a special place in my heart for LaGrange and my college life.

- Elissa

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