Thursday, December 1, 2011

friday five

1. F is for Finals, which are next week. F. but in actuality finals won't be as bad as the next few days. I have a term paper for constitutional law due on Monday. And working on it all weekend isn't an
 option. I am in charge of Panther Toy Store,  a yearly event at the college, which is Saturday. AND the basketball team has a game on Sunday 7 hours away and won't be back till the wee hours of the morning. struggle.

2. It's December! oh where has the year gone. after a crazy next few days and then finals, I will be done with the semester and then a week later will be home for the holidays! I love Christmastime, holiday movies are my favorite, especially when I am all bundled up with afghans. 

3. Panther Toy Store, which I mentioned in #1, warrants more than a mention. PTS has been a staple of the holiday season at LaGrange College for the past ten years. I have helped with PTS for the past two years and this year I am in charge. Yesterday was the most fun part of PTS : SHOPPING. My friends and I went to WalMart with the school's credit card and loaded up four buggies of Christmas presents for kids who otherwise would not have much at all for Christmas. Panther Toy Store is an invite-only (we work through the school counselors to find the families) event where needy families can purchase christmas present at greatly reduced prices, (50% off of extremely low prices). Our slogan is "providing a Hand-up not a Hand-Out". 

4. Criminal Minds, is a new obsession of mine. The show kicks SVU's but. so much better. And I love Garcia and Morgan, their weird together but that's what makes me love them. And Shemar Moore is yummy. I also think what I likes the show is that it sucks me in so much I can't multi-task, which is good because I've realized I rarely can sit and just watch tv without also being on the computer, or vice versa. 

5. My suitemate got me into the X Factor and although were often too busy to watch it because of basketball, we stay caught up with it because of ASTRO. this kid is so good. Unfortunately, he got voted off last night, which is absolutely ridiculous. but check out his most popular performance, Stop Looking at My Mom

- Have a great weekend. 

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