Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cousin Time and Cake Pops

My cousin Katie and I are six months apart and so we have always been close. But we have gotten closer over our college years. College is such a unique time in life that it has been awesome to have someone who can relate to everything I am going to and is often going through the same things. 

Well this Christmas is our last as undergrads, and we got together for a cousin sleepover. We met up went shopping for a few last minute christmas presents. I didn't buy anything but got a great idea for my best friend's present. We went home had some pizza and watched a movie on netflix. Then the next day we made cake pops. 

White Chocolate Funfetti CakePops

sorry it's not the best picture. 

fyi, when making cake pops use a lot of icing when making the balls, it holds the ball together. 

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