Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday Five Dec 16th

Like, last week today's post is part of Elizabeth's Link-Up!

 1. I get to go home today! I am so so excited. My dad is coming down for the girls basketball game and then we are going home sweet home. My buddy dog will be waiting on me! and momma too!

2. I have gotten all but one of my grades and so far I have all A's! there's one grade left and I don't think I made an A in there but I calculated it and even if I make a B in the class I will have a 3.8 on the semester! Yay for being one step closer to graduating Cum Laude!

3. When I get home tonight, momma and I are going to spend some time together! I checked an it seems like all the good christmas movies are on tomorrow, so maybe we will rent something or maybe she's found the fisher price little people christmas fun movie we used to watch every year. It's a kid's movie but a classic! Tomorrow night we definitely are going to watch A Dog Named Christmas on Hallmark Channel!

4. I had the urge to be crafty and had been wanting to try this yarn wrapped wire word I saw on Pinterest for awhile now but I didn't have any wire hangers. Well Erika, our athletic trainer brought me some she had at home and so I went to work.  I will say it was hard to get the wire shaped into the word, Love. That being said, wrapping the yarn around the yarn was very cathartic for me, I enjoy doing things with my hands, like needlepoint. Here's how it turned out.  Not completely ugly, actually pretty decent.

5. Song of the week- Oklahoma Sky by Miranda Lambert



  1. Oh my gosh, the love turned out SO adorable!!! I love it!!

  2. Thank you so much! I enjoy it too!


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