Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Ok so it's New Years Eve and I'm finally here talking about Christmas. 
Christmas was wonderful as usual. It is neat to do the same things year after year and think about how you've grown, as well as how your family has grown and changed. These are some of the things my family does. 

1. Christmas Eve Service. I love going to church on Christmas Eve. Hearing the Christmas Story. Our minister had a great sermon and it was great seeing people I don't see all the time when I'm at school. 

2. It is tradition to go out to eat at our favorite chinese restaurant the night before thanksgiving and christmas. The waiters are almost like friends. 

3. My mom has so much fun helping Santa Claus every year. Growing up she told me she was on the Elf Council.  When I was younger I would wake her up and she would make me wait at the top of the stairs before I could come while she fixed everything the way she wanted it. Now though she usually wakes me up and makes me come down and see. Clearly I have become much better friends with sleeping in as I have gotten older. 

4. After my parents and I open presents at our house we go down to the country to my dad's parents, where we have Christmas Dinner and we all open presents. My grandmama keeps her house immaculate and loves to keep it beautifully decorated for the holidays. 

Christmas 2011 was one of the best. I look forward to the new year and what it has in store. Everybody have a fun filled and safe new year! 



  1. the elf council. i love it. may borrow that one for my boys!

  2. you should! I thought it was so cool that my mom was "in" with santa.


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