Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No More Wisdom.... Teeth

To anyone that noticed my absence from blogging this past week I am back! Bright and early last wednesday morning I got all four wisdom teeth out. It went really well and the office was amazing but the next day reality set in and recovery was not super easy. Overall I guess it wasn’t that rough considering I had four teeth taken out of my mouth ( 2 pulled and 2 cut out). But I guess that’s exactly how I felt. And I really didn’t feel like doing much at all. I slept A LOT and didn’t wake up till about noon almost every day and as silly as it sounds I didn’t even have enough energy to type a whole blog post. Eating soft stuff got old quick, it just isn’t very filling. And for some reason cold stuff made it hurt, so I didn’t even eat much ice cream. Now I have my energy back and feel normal again but the right side of my mouth is still sore and opening my mouth wide enough to eat and chewing is difficult. Most people I know had their wisdom teeth had their wisdom teeth out in high school, so I guess I am just now getting to experience the fun times they did then haha! Well I am going to my follow-up appointment this morning and hopefully I will get great instructions on what to do now to kick this recovery into high gear! And please ignore my super puffiness!

here I am in all my post-surgery glory. the oral surgeon's office gave me this snazzy ice pack wrap that as a life-saver the first couple of days. As was my columbia jacket immediately afterwards, I was shivering when I woke up from the surgery! 


  1. You are rocking that post-wisdom teeth-surgery look!! :)

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