Thursday, August 16, 2012


Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post for biscoff even if it may appear to be!

               If you’ve ever been on a delta flight you know the goodness that is biscoff cookies. just the right amount of cinnamon without being a full on cinnamon cookie.  well my dear friends if you are unaware let me let you in on something amazing. there is such a thing a biscoff spread. it is the biscoff cookies melted down into a peanut butter like smooth and amazing spread. my best friend erin found the spread sometime last fall and it changed our lives. okay so not that serious but it is seriously amazing. but the amazingness doesn’t come cheap. it is around 4.69 a jar and for the recent college grad that is a price I can’t afford often. i bet my hips and thighs are thankful though. but whenever I do splurge on biscoff i end up battling myself to savor every morsel of yummy goodness there is in the jar and not consume the whole thing in one sitting. It is a challenge. my friend madison and I would watch pretty little liars and get the jar of biscoff out. we’d sit there glued to the tv while eating spoonful after spoonful before one of us would call it done for the night. 

          So I haven’t gotten a jar of biscoff in a long time. it’s been months and for my birthday one of the things my mom did was let me pick out a bunch of stuff at the grocery store to buy for baking. (well mainly the stuff was for my birthday cakes, but i threw biscoff in there too!) So I’ve had the jar for almost two weeks now and I’m trying not to just consume the whole thing spoonful by spoonful. I want to bake something with it! I have looked on pinterest but haven’t found what i’m looking for yet. there are so many amazing biscoff related recipes out there but it is still difficult eating post surgery and so I want to make a biscoff mousse like creation. I have biscoff and cream cheese right now as my starting blocks. i’m still looking! and will be sure to report back here what I come up with! 

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  1. Oh my goodness this look AMAZING! Have you ever tried Trader Joe's Cookie Butter? It's DELICIOUS and I have a feeling it tastes pretty similar. I can basically consume the entire jar in one sitting, so I have to be careful haha.


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