Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Reunion.

It’s My Birthday! So next week I will post about my birthday festivities. Today I’m recapping last weekend’s family reunion vacay. 
Last weekend my parents and I went to South Carolina for a family reunion. It is my mom’s dad’s side of the family. In our family going to the McNeill reunion is a summer staple. I have been to the reunion every year I have been alive. My parents went to the reunion the year I was born, that year the reunion was on Sunday and I was born the following thursday! 
Our family reunion is always great time. At lunch people update the reunion about the goings-on in each part of the big family. This can drag on and I tend to agree with the young ones who leave and go play in the ‘big room’. Of course there are a lot of people that I have no clue who they are or how we are related. Even the ones I’m close with it took me a long time to figure out! Now as I am getting older it is neat seeing the little ones grow up at the reunions, especially looking back and remembering when I was part of the ‘little ones’. 
Now for PHOTOS!

1. Andrew and his little vehicle. 2. Andrew and Papa Jim 3. Andrew and Alex Friday night we had a little pre-reunion and had a get together at one of our close cousins' house.  

1.Levi- blue-eyed cutie 2. Playing Pool 3. Sherri, Ashton and Mary-Mac playing with their American Girl Dolls. 4. Sherri blowing a bubble

Me with Ashton and Mary Mac. These beautiful cousins were adopted from Mexico and they recently turned nine! I was the flower girl in their parents wedding when I was 8! 

Me and Sherri. Sherri and Mary-Mac and Ashton are first cousins and Sherri is just three weeks older than the girls! 

Me and Levi. Levi is Sherri’s little brother. He has bright blue eyes and is turning 6 in a couple weeks. 

My mom with the girls. She is known as the crazy and/or silly aunt, but she told me that hurts her feelings so now she is the ‘fun’ aunt. 

And that ends another great year at the McNeill Reunion! 

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