Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pinspiration to get me through!

Well I am struggling. seriously struggling. it's getting down to the nitty-gritty. While Graduation is 24 days away, my thesis is due in 7 days! And I am nowhere near being done. I have this tendency to block myself up when it comes to really big things and well my thesis is a HUGE thing. So I have some pinspiration that i found that will hopefully help me get through this next week. 

I know God knows I can get through this thesis and it is an obstacle that he wants me to overcome

it's national princess week! so there is something redeeming about this week!

My dad always tells me Carpe Diem. And I need to step it up and take it up to another level this week!

I don't know how much sleep I will be getting over the next 7 days but I definitely need to move mountains when I am awake

Every now and then i get super stressed out about something but I always get it done. The stress I am feeling now rivals any in the past but I have to believe it will get DONE. 

- Elissa

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