Monday, April 23, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I just finished the fifty shades of grey trilogy and let me tell you it surpassed my expectations. I had heard all the buzz about how fabulous the book was and it was getting all kinds of notice in the media, but i was a little skeptical because the author apparently originally wrote it as twilight fan-fiction. Well it has nothing to do with twilight and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I finished the third book last night and I miss the characters of Christian and Ana already.

I read all three books online for free, i just googled "read fifty shades online for free" and had to do a survey to download the pdf. Lol all about getting being frugal and i was procrastinating. But i highly recommend the books, but if you aren't up for the highly sexual content then you probably won't like them. I think that they tell a beautiful story. It is dark and sad at times, but wonderful at the same time. I was obsessed and now i really have to work on my thesis. No fun! 

oh well! Laters, baby! 

let me know if you have read or are reading the books. I would love to discuss them! 

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