Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NBA game- Nets @ Hawks

 This past friday I went to the Hawks vs Nets Basketball Game with my parents. We aren’t big NBA fans but this were really excited to go to the game because my friend from high school is a rookie for the Nets. We aren’t close friends but I went to all the basketball games in high school and was friends with the players. We got to the game early to watch them warm-up. When we got there we went down to the lower level and watched as my friend was getting some shots up.   


After he had warmed up and was getting ready to go to the locker room he came over to us. He took pictures with all of us, but my Dad's didn't turn out good because he wouldn't stop talking enough for a picture. 

Me and Marshon

Mom and Marshon

Unfortunately played about 15 minutes and the nets lost 93-84. But it was awesome getting to see him play in the NBA in person. 

- Elissa

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