Friday, March 23, 2012

blogging again

so i disappeared from the blog world for a bit. I was going to go to mexico for a week with my school, but  my passport had a little water spilled on it and they wouldn't let me fly. So that was disappointing, but oh well.

Anyways my life as of late has been amazing. ( besides my blue devils loss in the NCAA tournament, what the heck?!) But other than that I have been doing great

So I am a few days late but I thought I would do a Sometimes and Always post to get back into blogging.

 Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the work I have to do and think theres no way I can do it

 I Always survive and get through whatever is stressing me thanks to God

 Sometimes I get upset that wearing my heart on my sleeve makes me vulnerable ( like when my Blue Devils get upset by Lehigh (or anyone) I know people won't let me hear the end of it).

Always I remember that my love for Duke is part of who I am and I am proud not to be a bandwagon fan

Sometimes I do Insanity, a crazy intense workout

Always I struggle real bad but feel good that I did it.

Sometimes I find a book I really love

I Always finish it in a night if i really love it ( like I did with The Hunger Games last night)

*It's too late to link up but Megan at Mackey Madness is the leader of Sometimes and Always!


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